Static measure can be seen as the most basic and easy way to implement ways of reducing energy consumption within a building.

After we have done a basic Walkthrough Audit we will advise what the most basic and straight forward measures that can be implemented to achieve an Energy Efficient environment.

At Ashway we follow the procedures, standards and guidelines as adopted by our and other governments. We chose to follow these procedures, standards and guidelines because we know that they have been tested and proven to work in a variety of different circumstances / environments.

These measures are generally cost effective and can be implemented within a short time which translates to immediate energy savings. These measures also tend to pay for themselves within a relatively short time period.

Installing static measures in most cases also does not interrupt the running of usual business routines which is another important factor to bear in mind.

At Ashway we are specialists in unique solutions to meet individual green problem areas. We do this by providing:

  • Specialized Solutions
  • Individual Green Areas consultations.



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We have access to all the latest technical norms and standards in the field of Energy Efficiency. This means that any solutions that we offer have been tried, tested and approved by all the relevant authorities.


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We will develop energy efficiency targets together with the client to reduce reduce immediate electrical demand. We can provide staff awareness packages and or presentations. Through initial consultation with management we are aware of each client's unique solution requirements.


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Our strategy is to work in conjunction with our client's financial department towards reducing Energy Costs and Expenses. We always start with the cheaper and simpler solutions and then, budget permitting, we go into the more costly aspects that allow for further reduction in energy consumption.

Highlights & Events

Apr 11 - 13, 2011
Domestic use of Electricity
International Conference taking place at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Bellville Campus, Cape Town.
The 19th International Conference on the "Domestic Use of Energy" (DUE) presents a forum for professionals, practitioners and end-users in all fields of domestic energy to discuss the latest developments in the effective use of energy in the residential sector.

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