Ashway has the ability to audit and analyse residential, commercial, and industrial buildings including determining the efficiency project's scope, collecting data, analysing building performance, interpreting results, evaluating alternatives, submitting recommendations for energy conservation measures (as specified by South Africa National Standards (SANS) standards), and assisting with the implementation of these recommendations according to predifined standards.

Please note that due to the continues improvements in both systems and equipment for energy saving that this website will be continuously updated. Please feel free to speak to us directly should you have any immediate queries about this website.

At Ashway we are specialists in unique solutions to meet individual green problem areas. We do this by providing:


  • Specialized Solutions
  • Individual Green Areas consultations.



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We have access to all the latest technical norms and standards in the field of Energy Efficiency. This means that any solutions that we offer have been tried, tested and approved by all the relevant authorities.


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We will develop energy efficiency targets together with the client to reduce reduce immediate electrical demand. We can provide staff awareness packages and or presentations. Through initial consultation with management we are aware of each client's unique solution requirements.


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Our strategy is to work in conjunction with our client's financial department towards reducing Energy Costs and Expenses. We always start with the cheaper and simpler solutions and then, budget permitting, we go into the more costly aspects that allow for further reduction in energy consumption.

Ashway Vision & Mission

At Ashway we aim to demystify Energy Usage and its cost implication. We endeavour to provide you with all the energy cost savings options. We assess lighting, machinery and other energy consumers in your household / factory / institution. We aim to reduce your monthly energy costs (e.g. electricity). We fully support adaptation and mitigation of global warming in all the work we do i.e. reduce your carbon footprint.

We will achieve our vision by designing your energy usage systems to use less fuel. We will carry out various levels of audits to give you and us the overview. This would show us which interventions to recommend to you. We work closely with Eskom and can thus advise you on their energy savings and cash rebate programs. We stay abreast with all new developments in this fast growing industry by attending courses presenting papers and interacting regularly with product / equipment suppliers and system installers.

Time in Cape Town: CAT(GMT+2)

We have recently presented papers at International conferences.

We attend local and international (UNIDO) training courses on Energy Efficiency issues to stay up to date. We use ISO and SANS standards as guidlines.

Project proposals have to date included schools, old age homes and nature conservation buildings. We are also technical advisors to a local large industrial fan manufacturer i.a. fan efficiency.

Institutional involvement includes assistance in planning the Domestic Use Energy and Industrial and Commercial Use Energy conferences for Cape Paninsula University of Technology (CPUT)



Ashway undertook the editing of The Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook Vol.2. This is part of a series of handbooks read by more than 50,000 environmental stakeholders.



Ashway Investments has developed course material for and trained a considerable number of indestry specialists in the HVAC industry: i.a. Energy Management. It is presently mentoring Engineering technicians, technologists and graduate engineering candidates up to engineering institute levels.

Erik Kiderlen is presenting high level technical training in the U.A.E. to oil industry managers. He will be available in R.S.A. from mid July 2012.

Industrial Energy Management Programme

Ashway has been selected by UNIDO to become a Trainer for their Fan Energy Efficiency Programme which is part of the UNIDO Industrial Energy Management Programme. This program will provide training to RSA fan manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, contractors how to optimise fan energy consumption. This is achieved via UNIDO's FSAT selection program.

Ashway can provide a fan energy audit and optimised fan selection. This selection will result in lower electricity costs for industrial and commercial operations. Ashway is investigating installation cost rebates from electricity utilities.

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